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There are four easy ways to order: (1) call us at 512-454-6864; (2) fax your completed order form to 512-467-9318; (3) mail your completed order form to PO Box 2156, Austin, Texas 78768; or (4) order online.

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Administrator's Anti-Bullying Guide

The Administrator's Anti-Bullying Toolkit is a practical guide and CD with editable model forms to assist campus administrators in responding to and addressing complaints of bullying and/or harassment. The Toolkit includes: 1) editable report/preliminary investigation forms (usually required by policy); 2) a bullying checklist; 3) investigation protocol; 4) a model report to administration (sometimes required by policy); 5) sample letters to parents of the alleged perpetrator and alleged victim with investigation findings and corrective actions (if needed); and, 6) other useful documents such as stay-away agreements.


This useful toolkit helps administrators by providing practical tools for aiding them in complying with federal/state law and district policies prohibiting bullying and harassment.


Prior Edition Purchaser - $89.00
Retainer - $275.00
Non-retainer - $325.00
Retainer - $3,250.00
Non-retainer - $4,250.00
Price may vary by presenter.

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