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We help our clients understand the twists and turns of each and every case. Because of our focus on representing public schools, your case will be handled by seasoned, experienced attorneys who will serve as strong advocates on your behalf. In addition to our concentration in all areas of education law, some of our attorneys also practice in the area of general insurance defense litigation. These knowledgeable attorneys handle a wide variety of litigation, including (but not limited to) personal injury, professional liability and premises liability.

Facilities & Business

Operating a school district, whether large or small, involves complex business decisions and proactive planning to prevent legal disputes. Let Walsh Gallegos’s experienced team of transactional attorneys help you navigate and negotiate your facilities & business needs with sound legal advice in the following areas. 

School District Contracts:


Procurement and General Business Contracting.  Consultation and assistance with competitive procurement processes for goods and services. Preparation and/or review of your general business and service contracts, including Lease/Purchase Agreements, e-RATE matters, Supply Contracts, Interlocal Agreements, and Consultant Contracts.


Construction Procurement and Contracting.  Assistance with selection of “best value” procurement method and procurement documents. Preparation and review of Architect, Contractor, Design-Builder or Program Manager Contracts, and providing advice for custom tailoring these Contracts to favor and protect the school district.


Real Estate Transactions:


Purchase.  Consultation and preparation of documents related to the purchase of real estate including consideration of public access and utilities including electricity, water and sewer service, and review of associated contracts with entities that provide these services.


Sale.  Assistance in compliance with legal notice and posting requirements for sale of real estate by the district.


Detachment and Annexation/School Boundary Changes.  As districts grow, issues regarding where students are best served can arise. Whether served with a petition for Detachment and Annexation or considering voluntary boundary changes, our attorneys can assist districts in compliance with navigating the legal requirements of these transitions.


Transactional Litigation:


Contract Dispute Resolution.  In the event that mediation, arbitration or litigation is necessary to resolve a dispute, our attorneys can provide the continuity and advocacy you need, from filing to case conclusion in procurement matters, payment disputes, delay claims, and negligence claims in the construction context, as well as general contract, e-RATE regulatory matters, and real estate disputes.


Payment and Performance Bond Enforcement.  In the event of contractor default, our attorneys are experienced in working with sureties to secure payment under the Performance and Payment Bonds provided by the contractor, or to press enforcement of the bonds, and to work toward timely completion of the job and/or payment of sub-contractors and suppliers.


Texas Tax Code Chapter 313 - Texas Economic Development Act:


Application.  Consultation and support in accepting and analyzing Application for Appraised Value Limitation under Chapter 313 of the Texas Tax Code. Preparation of briefing materials for school board consideration. Active communication with District administrators, school finance professionals, and Texas Comptroller's Office to assure timely processing of application materials.


Negotiation.  Drafting and negotiation of Value Limitation Agreement to protect School Districts' financial interests. Active communication with District administrators and school finance professionals to create tailored revenue protection and supplemental payment provisions.


Reporting.  Facilitation of ongoing reporting requirements to assure compliance with legal elements of finalized Chapter 313 Agreement.

The firm's principal office is in Austin, Texas.

For further information about the law firm: contact Lindsey Price at 210-979-6633.